Netnt vs Yggdrasil Head to Head Online Slots Contest

  • Jan 22, 2021

Online slots is gaining a high level of popularity among the top casino games as selected by players. This has seen the rise of software developers releasing numerous series of online slots which fit into the gambling space for players such as at . At NetEnt, it ranks a front runner in the industry with massive experience in releasing of a series of innovative online slots making waves in the industry. Yggdrasil hails as a new entrant in the industry with a series of innovative products.


A Walk Down Memory Lane

NetEnt is an industry veteran in the industry with a number of innovative products in the market. With over 200 casino games with over 174 dedicated online casinos to their service, this is proof of their quality services available at . The firm first launched its software in 1996 and has been releasing innovative products ever since. The firm recently made an acquisition of Red Tiger as part of its expansion plans of improving the nature customer experience with their services.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, NetEnt shapes the way people receive their gambling services. However, Yggdrasil still manages to hold its own with the competition posed by NetEnt. Yggdrasil as a new entrant first launched its casino software in 2013 with the upsurge on online casino games. A fun fact that relates both NetEnt and Yggdrasil is that the former CEO of NetEnt acts as the founding member of the firm. With experience in the gambling field, Yggdrasil offers similar gambling solutions.

The most popular product by the Yggdrasil catalog includes the list of the free version of their games which is setting the trend for customers experience. As a means of tapping into the market niche in the industry dominated by NetEnt, Yggdrasil bags on the use of free gaming as means of cutting through the tastes and preferences of many online players. However, NetEnt also makes use of the free version of their games as a strategy of attracting more players to the casinos.

What's the Gaming Experience?

There is a close relation between NetEnt and Yggdrasil when it comes reel configuration. The reels makes up the grid of the slot for which the symbols appear. Both firms makes use of the five reels system for a large part of their slot games. However, NetEnt offers a much more precise experience which also includes the use of 3 reel slots for their traditional slot games. Furthermore, both firms capitalize on the use of unique features, designs and graphics as part of their presentations.

  • Both firms are licensed
  • There other related casino games

When it comes to the bet limits, NetEnt takes home the crown for offering high bet limits. This makes it a priority especially for high rollers on the reels. Bet limits play a crucial role in determining the choice of slot game by the players. For example, a slot game such as Dracula by NetEnt has a be limit of up to 400 euros. On the other hand, Yggdrasil comes short of this target with their highest bet limit being 125 euros.

NetEnt vs Yggdrasil Online Slots